Topics (Working Draft)

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There are so many directions this program could take — opportunities for innovation abound — but focus is essential. Based on our years of experience in the field, and preliminary user research, we have drafted an initial list of topics. We plan to have 5-10 courses, both self-paced and instructor-led, ready by Winter 2020. You can help prioritize these topics by completing our short survey.

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Sample Course Topics

  • Visualizations
  • Charting
  • Mapping
  • Standards
  • Databases
  • Publishing Open Data
  • Community building
  • Data science
  • Performance management
Build with, not for
  • Lean/Agile
  • Human Centered Design & Research
  • Accessibility
  • Content strategy / good writing
  • Partnerships with community groups
The Ecosystem
  • Existing stack
  • Field review
Recruiting & Teamwork
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Cross-functional teams — creating and managing
  • Remote work
  • Collaboration tools: GDocs etc
Social Media / Marketing
  • Social media mastery
  • Listening/sentiment analysis
  • How to be a PIO (PR, push notifications)
  • Boosting app/program engagement
  • Design tools: 99 Designs, stock photos etc
  • Procurement
  • Budget
  • “Building a tribe” — finding likeminded allies
  • Ethics of open data, privacy, AI
  • Inclusivity and anti-racism (unintended or intentional discrimination
Digital services
  • General overview: why, which, and how
  • Best practices & multi-agency collaboration: interoperability, upsells, engaging form design, and follow ups / surveys
  • Moving up in a digital services team
  • Fiber/connectivity
  • Cloud v on-premise
  • IoT / Sensors
App Primers
  • Excel / Google Sheets
  • Slack
  • Esri / CartoDB / Mapbox
  • PowerPoint
  • Tableau, SAP, and other reporting tools
  • Various online tools (IFTTT, AirTable)
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Translating tech
  • Perfecting the pitch
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Open Data Policy
  • Economic development for tech
  • Gig economy partnerships (eg car sharing, micro-mobility)
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Delivery-Driven Training

You're not just learning skills, but immediately adding value to your community.

The Public Innovation Academy's approach is designed around "deliver-driven" or "project-driven" learning: at the end of every course, the participant will finish with a tangible, useful solution they made (using lessons and tools taught). For instance, a course on "Building a project dashboard" would not only include fundamentals around metrics, performance tracking, and data visualization, but also end with a working dashboard for the participant and their community. With the Academy, you and your community should see immediate and long-term impact.

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