About the Public Innovation Academy

Learn the skills you need to be a public servant in the digital age

"A Khan Academy for Civic & Government Innovation"

Empowering public servants with the skills to lead in the digital age

The last decade has seen unprecedented advances in public innovation. However, those advances are often limited to large jurisdictions, and even the knowledge of them are limited to those already working in the space. It's time to change that. We should open up the doors to anyone passionate about helping their communities; technical or not, large agency or not, C-Level or not, even government or not. That's how we scale public innovation.

That's the goal of the Public Innovation Academy. Modeled off of successful online training programs, the Academy is an e-learning platform featuring practical, project-driven courses taught by experienced experts in the field. But unlike other online programs, the Academy will be designed for the public sector with practical, relevant topics and cross-jurisdictional networking for peers around the world, both offering a sense of accomplishment and a sense of community. (Both will have dramatic impact on their careers.)

Share your ideas.


The Public Innovation Academy is founded by Abhi Nemani, who has over 15 years of experience in government and civic technology; he helped build and run Code for America, served as the first CDO at LA and first CIO at Sacramento; he has taught civic tech at the University of Chicago; and he has worked with dozens of governments and civic startups, helping them work together, and identifying technical, operational, and know-how gaps through that process — and it is those gaps the Academy will address.


It’s been said, “In the 21st Century, good governance and good policy are irrevocably linked to good technology.” By building an Academy that helps our public officials better use technology, we can drive towards a fundamentally better government: one that is more efficient, more effective, and — crucially — more responsive to its constituents in the digital era.


Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts

Also we hope to partner with institutions -- universities, companies, NGOs, and governments -- to build out and growth the Academy. Partnerships will include featuring your existing trainings, building new materials with your tools in mind, and/or sponsoring the participation for other members in the community. If you represent an organization that would like to discuss partnerships, please let us know.

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